You can use the Ride with GPS app as your GPS or save the file as a GPX for your Garmin or other computer or print off a cue sheet.  The choice is up to you about how you navigate the route. There are so many great options with this app.  All riders will be required to wear a helmet.  Head and tail lights are optional but recommended.  You as a cyclist are responsible to know the rules of the road ad follow them.  Roads will NOT be blocked or aided by police.

All roads whether paved or unpaved are public roads subject to the regulations of the great State of Texas. Participants are required to obey all "rules of the road" and laws for the applicable jurisdiction(s) in which they operate their bicycles and/or other vehicles. The Heroes Ride Gravel Grinder is an all-weather event unless conditions are deemed unsafe for riders so there is a no refunds policy.