StarKids was started in January 2017 with the sole purpose of giving back to our fallen 1st responders and our military members that made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. StarKids reaches out to these families and takes the kids of our fallen heroes on hunting and fishing adventures. On a StarKids adventure each StarKid brings a mentor from their parent’s organization to be there hunting/fishing buddy for the trip.  There is no expense for the StarKid or the mentor to participate in a StarKids adventure and all equipment is provided.   In fact, as part of the StarKids program, each StarKid is given the equipment (rifle w/scope/shotgun/fishing tackle) that they use during their adventure, to take home so they can continue being involved in outdoor activities.

StarKids is one program under the non-profit organization, Trinity Oaks. Trinity Oaks was founded to make a difference in the lives of others through outdoor adventures.  Trinity Oaks has a youth hunting program, veteran’s program (hunting and fishing), dream hunts (for terminally ill men, women and children) and has a meat distribution program.  The meat distribution program donates 9,000 pounds of processed venison a month to shelters, churches and orphanages. 

By riding in the Heroes Ride you are supporting the StarKids program and 100% of your support goes to the StarKids program to get as many kids of fallen heroes in the outdoors.  All of our StarKids staff are 100% volunteers and there are no paid positions. 

For more information please contact Cary Beason @ or (979)219-9452